Sunrise Beach/MIAMI BC
Rara for kids in Little Haiti
Ti rara in Ti Ayiti
David Cassidy auctions home
Renewed hunts for oil in sensitive Florida ecosystems have environmental groups raising questions about state regulation of the oil and gas industry. A Miami company, Kanter Real Estate LLC, has submitted a permit application to drill an exploratory oil well on the eastern edge of the Everglades. Meanwhile, federal approval is pending for a seismic survey meant to locate new areas for drilling in the Big Cypress National Preserve, a freshwater swamp whose health is vital to the neighboring Everglades and to native wildlife, including the endangered Florida panther.
Hunt for oil in Florida
Florida photographer Clyde Butcher: Almost everything I've shot still exists. People used to be able to see it everywhere, now you have to go and see it. You have to get in the water, you have to get in a canoe. And best time to shoot unfortunately is in the summer.
Clyde Butcher shoots digital
History of Haitian photography
Diaz, Danticat protest