Round Up/Bike Fest
Cold helps python hunt
Migrants increasingly violent
Demolition of Escobar mansion
Facing a teetering economy at home, wealthy Brazilians have been pouring money into what they increasingly see as the safest place to invest: South Florida real estate. So are Argentinians, Colombians, Mexicans, Venezuelans, French and Turks - almost anyone with money to shelter, a direct flight to Miami and a shaky economy to flee. Yet Miamians as a whole have scarcely benefited from the glitz. By catering to wealthy foreigners able to jet around the world, the area boasts a showcase of highly visible investments but not the broad income gains that would serve the bulk of its residents.
Few benefit from Miami boom
Change in manatee status
His mother had died three days before the Montreal Games began, and he considered withdrawing from competition. Instead he stayed, and he dedicated his lightweight gold medal win to his mother's memory. Davis told the New York Post in August: It was devastating. But I remembered her pointing her finger in my face and telling me, 'You'd better win the gold medal.' I wasn't going to be denied. There was no way I was going to lose.
Boxer Howard Davis Jr. dies at 59
A Dartmouth College swimmer who died at a YMCA pool had been trying to complete four laps underwater without surfacing to breathe when he went into distress, according to a sheriff's office report released Monday. Tate Ramsden, 21, of Nashville, Tennessee, was pronounced dead at the Sarasota pool after lifeguards and emergency medical personnel could not revive him, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office incident report. Ramsden was at the pool Saturday with his sister, uncle and a cousin.
Dartmouth swimmer dies at pool