Summer Vacation
Manatees' status challenged
Street art shares ballet stage
'Street view' for coral reefs
Park may ban fish harvests
Slow, quiet hurricane season
The former clinic owner accused of selling performance-enhancing drugs to Alex Rodriguez has agreed to plead guilty in what prosecutors called a wide-ranging conspiracy to distribute steroids to both major league ballplayers and high school athletes. The charges filed against former Biogenesis of America owner Anthony Bosch and six others marked one of the biggest salvos yet in a case that has dragged on for nearly two years. The case has sparked lawsuits, mudslinging and suspensions against numerous major leaguers, including Rodriguez.
Arrests in MLB drug scandal
Broward County Circuit Judge Dale Cohen: The tides are turning on the issue of same-sex marriage throughout this country. ... To discriminate based on sexual orientation, to deny families equality, to stigmatize children and spouses, to hold some couples less worthy of legal benefits than others based on their sexual orientation, to deny individuals tax credits, marital property rights, the ability to dissolve their unions from other jurisdictions is against all that this country holds dear, as it denies equal citizenship. Marriage is a well-recognized fundamental right, all people should be entitled to enjoy its benefits.
3rd Florida gay marriage ruling